Knowing Agricultural Mechanization Application on Sugar Cane Land Preparation Process at PT Laju Perdana Indah, OKU Timur, South Sumatera

*Abdul Rouf and **Gatot Pramuhadi

*Student of Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, **Lecturer of Departement of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University, IPB Darmaga Campus, PO Box 220, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

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Land preparatioan plays very important role for sugar cane cultivation  to establish good  soil condition so that  plant can grow within optimum nutrient and water. Dry land preparation mechanically use agricultural equipments and machines result fit soil physical condition, cultivated land area, and fuel consumption. The methods used in this research are observation, interview, and literature review. Land preparation is divided into two phases, calcification and soil tillage. Soil tillage is conducted through two activities respectively, primary tillage and secondary tillage. Experiment parameters that measured are slip, theoretical field capacity (TFC), effective field capacity (EFC), field efficiency, and cost of fuel consumption. Parameter value of soil tillage activity respectively is different. The biggest value of slip is plowing II occupying 31.135% influnced by used soil sample and work depth tool. Meanwhile the biggest value of TFC is harrowing II with 1.047 ha/hour affected by theoretical speed of tractor and work wide stuff used during the process.  The biggest value of EFC is harrowing II with 1.222 ha/hour affected by land area of processing result and time of processing. Field efficiency is occupied by furrowing activity with 92.272%. The factors are TFC and EFC value. The biggest value of fuel consumption cost is plowing I as much IDR 324,618/ha. Meanwhile the smallest value of fuel consumption cost is harrowing II merely costing IDR 115,998/ha.  So, the fuel consumption cost from plowing I until furrowing activity at 2nd Division Guhung Jaya PT Laju Perdana Indah is IDR 1,034,797/ha.


Keywords: Land preparation, slip, TFC, EFC, field efficiency, fuel consumption cost

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